MCDONALD'S - eurosaver

Art Director

McDonald’s Eurosaver had become stale in Ireland. We wanted to resuscitate its youthful spirit and inject a whole lot of fun and excitement into it again and talk to our target on their terms. 

Life for these guys is all about big deals and being a big deal. They make big deals out of everything. Like every possible thing!  Making small matters into big ones.

There’s no moderation. There’s no in-between. It’s a complete WIN or FAIL. And it’s all about the drama. The Over-Drama. The over drama about the little things.

But you know what? Don’t worry we totally get you. Because at McDonald’s we’ve been making big deals over little things for years with the eurosaver menu. In fact, Eurosaver menu is the real big deal and puts all these little trivial matters in the shade.